We invite submissions from anyone with a story to tell. Contributors to the site may come from writers, film-makers, artists, poets, cultural practitioners, students, farmers, conservationists, activists, and many others. Reflecting this diversity, we seek to publish submissions in a wide range of media. Extinction stories might be written texts, including short narratives, poems, or essays. They might also be short audio or video accounts, artworks, or photo essays. The important thing is that the story be accessible, engaging, and capture some aspect of the significance of a disappeared or disappearing plant, animal, or place. At the broadest level, the project aims to deepen our understanding of what extinction means and why it matters for diverse humans and nonhumans.

Submitted stories will be reviewed by The Living Archive team. Where necessary, feedback and suggested revisions will be offered to help improve submissions. Some curation of content will be undertaken and we cannot guarantee that all submitted stories will be published.

To submit a story, look through the guidelines below before using the form at the bottom of the page to upload your work. If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact us at

Sharing these stories (third-party use)

In addition to hosting stories on this website, The Living Archive team are actively seeking ways to get these stories out into the world to inform wider understandings and actions. If you’re a film maker, an artist, a journalist, a curator—anyone really!—who would like to draw on the stories on this website in your work, please get in touch with us.

Unless otherwise specified content on this website is covered under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 3.0). Please check the grey details box on each story page to see if there are any other use restrictions. This Creative Commons license means that stories, including any images, video, audio, and other components can be copied, transmitted, and distributed by others, provided that they attribute it to the author(s) and are not using the materials for commercial purposes (for further details see

Contributors should note that it is possible that stories submitted to this website will be taken up and used elsewhere. If this is something that we’re actively involved in we will get in touch to get your permission and we will make sure you are credited as the author/contributor. As this is a public website, however, we can’t guarantee how others will use content that is published here and we ask contributors to keep this in mind. We strongly encourage anyone seeking to reproduce or use these materials to get in touch with the individual story author. Please contact us if you would like us to pass on a message to one of our contributors.

Guidelines and Advice

Publication Agreement: In order to publish work on the website we require a signed publication agreement form from all contributors. You can download it here.

Written Submissions

Word count: Preferably between 500 and 3000 words.

Format: Upload your text as a separate file, ideally a Word (or similar) document.

Images: Whenever possible, written submissions should be accompanied by at least one image to which you have publishing rights. This might be a photo you have taken or one that is in the public domain or under a creative commons license. If you do not have an image to accompany your text, we can help you find one. Please upload images as individual JPG or PNG files.

References: Many stories will not require a bibliography. However, if you are discussing, paraphrasing or quoting other published sources in your story (in a direct manner which should be acknowledged), please include a simple reference list at the bottom of your text.

Other Submissions

File formats for video: Vimeo or Youtube links.

File formats for audio: Soundcloud links.

Length: Preferably under 15 minutes. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Written description: Video and audio works may be accompanied by a written essay or story, but this is not required. If your submission does not include a written component, please attach a 100 word description of the work.

Multimedia submissions: For submissions which combine text and other media, please indicate the desired placement of media in the text.

A Call for Stories

This form condenses much of the website overview and submission guidelines into a single PDF so that it can be more easily shared. Please feel free to download it and pass it on.

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