Storied Extinction

A reflection on teaching and learning in the Solomon Islands, and the entanglement of processes of extinction and colonialism.

Walking and Living

Weaving between Australia and Japan, this essay offers a meditation on place, loss, and family - human and nonhuman.

ginen the micronesian kingfisher [i sihek]

A moving meditation on the disappearance of the Micronesian kingfisher (i sihek) by the Chamoru poet Craig Santos Perez from Guåhan/Guam.

I Dream of ‘Alala

This collection of woodblock prints by the artist Margaret Barnaby all explore the plight of the critically endangered ‘alala or Hawaiian crow (Corvus hawaiiensis)....

Sago: A Storied Species of West Papua

Oil palm killed the sago Oil palm killed our kin Oil palm choked our rivers Oil palm bled our land Sago, sago You were brought to life in a...

Zombie Politics and the Lives of Animals

Flying-foxes in Australia are currently undergoing a period of significant decline. Amongst the many threats to their wellbeing as individuals and species are deliberate acts of violent persecution by some human communities. Underlying these acts of cruelty is the deep-seated mentality of a 'persecuting society’ and the 'zombie politics' it produces.

Albatross, plastic, and the undoing of generations

In the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, at the far north west end of the Hawaiian Archipelago, lie a few tiny coral and...