Words of Life

In Australia's Northern Territory, and elsewhere, Indigenous vocabularies do more than identify species. They also communicate a range of important ecological information. As linguist Nicholas Evans writes here, they can direct us to what is unique and key in a species.

An Ancient Master: The tricks and trials of Cycas micronesica

One species of Cycad has spread around Oceania by producing buoyant, seafaring seeds. Yet while this ancient family have survived a number of extinction events over the last 300 million years, they are vulnerable to human driven environmental changes.

Free Wings

A short poem on the critically endangered ʻAlalā, or Hawaiian Crow.

The Sense of a Place

What happens to hope when you lose sense of a place? A marine biologist meditates on what it means to float over a coral bay, taking notes as relationships come undone.

Auwahi forest – culture, community, and conservation

Two decades ago wildlife biologist Dr Arthur Medeiros founded the Auwahi project, a large-scale forest restoration project in the Hawaiian Islands. Here he reflects on the project, and on thousands of years of human forest relations in Hawai'i.

Domains of Extinction

Bringing together the history of the Beaumaris Zoo, the seed bank and “Pete’s Patch” at the Botanical Gardens, homelessness, site-specific art events, gay beats, the Hobart City Council Development Plan and the Indigenous history of the space, this piece uses the Hobart Domain to reveal interlocking stories about extinction, precarity and resilience.

The Coconut Moth of Fiji

At the beginning of the 20th century, the traditional way of life of the populations of the islands of Fiji was threatened by the invasion of a mysterious moth, a pest of coconut trees. The use of biological control as an ultimate solution proved to be very effective. But was it really worth it?

The Art of Refusal

Artist Lucienne Rickard and partner writer Keely Jobe have created a collaborative project around the Christmas Island Pipistrelle, a small Australian bat that was recorded as extinct in 2009. Keely wrote a non-fiction piece about the Pipistrelle in response to Lucienne’s drawing, with Lucienne then drawing in response to Keely’s writing.

Overwintering: Migratory Shorebirds of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway

A selection of works from The Overwintering Project, an artist initiative which seeks to raise awareness of the shorebirds which migrate to Australian and New Zealand shores from above the Arctic circle.

Shark Attack

Fijian contemporary multi-media artist Rusiate Lali reflects on the entwinement of sharks and humans in artwork and a short poem.