Hawaiian Monk Seals and Homelessness: Extinction Stories for Multispecies Justice

This story discusses the tendency among conservation scientists to characterize endangered species as “homeless.” It uses my personal experiences living in Eugene, Oregon, and the contentious removal of a Hawaiian monk seal from the island of Moloka'i to suggest that displacement is experienced by people and species together. As these examples demonstrate, addressing houselessness and homelessness requires multispecies justice.

The disappearing voice of the forest: Snail stories from Hawai’i

This audio piece tells the story of the ongoing decline and extinction of Hawai'i's incredible land snails, exploring the diverse ways in which these often overlooked creatures matter for local people and their environments.

°C Rise: Life can change in the smallest degrees

This short Object Theatre film is a kind of poetic rumination on the imposition of the global on the local.

The Coastal Affection

The sea is swallowing up coastline after coastline, until it reaches your special beach, then in the blink of an eye it is gone. Just like the Australian coastline, many other coastlines around the world are experiencing erosion.


This narrative considers the struggle to hold on to memories of fading island ecosystems.

NIU: The Tree of Life – An Island Fable for Today and Tomorrow

An Island fable about the coconut tree, for today and tomorrow.


A reflection on a moment of togetherness with an Åga (Mariana Crow), a critically endangered species that is now found only on the Island of Rota.

Bananas – Going, Going, Gone?

An essay on the history of diseases in bananas in Australia, exploring questions of memory, diversity, and loss in the colonial and monocultural space of the plantation.

This is How Our Horizon Will Look

Swish, plop, bibbidi bop,   This is how our Horizon will look — the ocean brings a family together, all waves collapsed against each other, revealing our culture.   This is how...

Fiji Petrel

A brief history of the extremely rare Fiji Petrel, which until 1984 had been presumed extinct for over a century.