°C Rise: Life can change in the smallest degrees

Many small Pacific island nations suffer outsized effects of the emissions of industrialized nations, yet under-sized reporting on the immediate threat of those effects. For people whose ancestors made herculean journeys that brought them to their islands, they may now be forced to journey once again. How will they navigate their future? This short Object Theatre film is a kind of poetic rumination on the imposition of the global on the local.


Daniel A. Kelin II is an artist, educator, author, playwright and, most recently, short film-maker who lives in Hawaii and (usually) travels a great deal. Affiliated with theatres and social organizations in American Samoa, the Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Guam, and India, Daniel was a 2009 and 2019 Fulbright-Nehru Fellow in India. In 2019, Dan premiered his solo play 'Shipwreck’d on the Body Beautiful,' which he wrote and performed. As a teller, he was long featured as a part of the Hawaii Talk Story festival but more recently has created a series of object theatre short films about the Pacific.