Shark Attack

I was.
Long before man knew how to swim.
When I was but mystique being.
Feared and revered.
Worship and loved the ocean I roam.

I am.
Still here after man learned to swim.
They respect me still.
Seeking my blessings.
Praying for my protection.
In this domain I own.

I will.
Still be here long after man has gone.
His sons my own.
For the fear of the deep.
Is only known to their mortal soul.


Rusiate Lali is a Fijian multimedia artist. He is the founder of Gallery Gondwana Fiji. In 1999 Rusiate was named 'Contemporary Fijian Artist of the Year', with his work described as a sensuous mix of past and present, myth and reality. Rusiate has been an active voice on the subject of climate change in the Pacific.